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Easter Island

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Trip Overview
Journey to enigmatic Easter Island and be forever changed by the remote beauty and fascinating folklore of ‘Rapa Nui’. This unforgettable trip allows plenty of time to stand in awe and admire the many stone moai that have made this mystical island so famous. As the trade winds blow, view remnants of the past at ancient ceremonial sites and villages, as well as rock art depicting strange deities. For a dose the natural beauty, be blown away by the scale of a dramatic volcanic crater and uninterrupted views over the horizon. Rich in iconic legends, unique landscapes and blazing sunsets, this is an enthralling encounter of a lifetime.
Essential Info
Starts: Hanga Roa
Ends: Hanga Roa
Ages: Min 15
Theme: Discovery
Trip Code: IGGHE
Activity Level:     
Countries visited: Chile
What's Included


3 Breakfasts included


Private vehicle


Hotel (3 nights)

Trip Highlights

•   Walk on the verge of an extinct volcanic crater

•   View the ruined ceremonial village of Orongo

•   Play on the pure white sands of Anakena Beach

•   Enjoy the charming village ambience of Hanga Roa

•   Meet the magical and mysterious stone moai

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Departing: 23rd Aug 2019
Returning: 26th Aug 2019
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Departing: 24th Aug 2019
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Departing: 25th Aug 2019
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Departing: 28th Aug 2019
Returning: 31st Aug 2019
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Departing: 29th Aug 2019
Returning: 1st Sep 2019
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Returning: 2nd Sep 2019
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Departing: 31st Aug 2019
Returning: 3rd Sep 2019
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