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Highlights of Madagascar

From £2399 for 14 days
Trip Overview
Madagascar is a paradise for wildlife lovers, and much of its animal life cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The chief attraction is the lemurs. Undeniably one of the most delightful and cute creatures, there are over 70 species spread throughout the country. In Andasibe, we hope to see the rare Indri, the largest lemur, while in the cloud forest of Ranomafana National Park, we hope to see the rare Golden bamboo and Greater bamboo lemurs. Go in search of Ring-tailed lemurs in Anja Reserve and have a final day in search of wildlife in Tsimanampetsotsa National Park.
Essential Info
Starts: Start Antananarivo.
Ends: Antananarivo
Ages: Min 16
Theme: Discovery, Wildlife
Trip Code: EWZIA
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Countries visited: Madagascar
What's Included


Food standards in Madagascar can vary and are probably not of the same standard you are used to at home


10 nights standard and 3 simple hotels, all en suite Travel by private bus and internal flight


Trip Highlights

•    The chance to see lemurs in their natural habitat

•    Incredible wildlife in the Andasibe Nature Reserve and in Ranamofana National Park

•    Isalo National Park, with its amazing rock formations, spectacular canyons and natural swimming holes

•    Striking spiny forest in Tsimanampetsotsa National Park

•    Relax on the beach in the coastal town of Anakao

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Departing: 30th May 2021
Returning: 12th Jun 2021
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Itinerary & Notes
There are no included activities today so you are free to arrive at any time. The group flights usually arrive in the early afternoon. This evening's welcome briefing is the perfect opportunity to meet your guide and get to know your fellow travellers. Accommodation: Belvedere Hotel or similar *Standard Hotel*
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I have been dreaming of seeing lemurs in the wild since I was young and this trip did not disappoint. I had never done a group tour before and was admittedly very hesitant to sign-up for one, but the itinerary allowed me to see most of what I wanted to, so I thought I'd give it a try. In the two weeks, we were able to see thirteen species of lemurs, which was thrilling and more than I had expected. The itinerary is thoughtfully laid out and even the long days travelling were made better by the many stops and stories from our group leader. I can't describe the feeling of first arriving to our cabins in Andasibe to the sounds of Indri calls in the forest. It was really out of this world. The diversity of landscapes and parks that we visited was excellent and I couldn't have planned it better myself. Having a local guide and engaging (mostly) with local tour operators and businesses was an important aspect of the trip for me as well. Overall, excellent adventure that I wish I could go back in time and do again.
Madagascar is an extraordinary country facing numerous challenges. Its national parks are excellent and much of the scenery is spectacular. It is, however, very poor and facing many environmental challenges. This makes it all the more creditable that the hotels and food on this trip were both so good.
Madagascar is amazing with so much unique wildlife, plants and trees. A well organised trip, with good accommodation. Comfortable bus with lots of breaks on the long journeys. A mixture of leisurely time on the bus and in the towns, with some very strenuous treks in the reserves. Be prepared for heavy rain and blistering heat as you pass through the varied landscapes.
This was a truly life-changing trip. By that I mean, it was an experience of many extreme highs, such as seeing the unique and beautiful wildlife, coupled with being witness to some very difficult scenes, such as the slash and burn practice and huge areas of deforestation. The trip has left me wanting to learn more about this incredible country, its people and its wildlife. Would very much like to visit again and investigate further into the issues this country is clearly facing. This is a very special country and any visitor will be rewarded in many ways.
The trip is rated as leisurely & I would rate it challenging. We had extremely long travel days in the vehicles on winding bumpy roads (5 hr, 6 hr, 11 hr, etc.) The trip notes advise some long days, but we weren’t expecting such challenges just traveling in the van; our muscles were all tensed up by the end of each drive. The hiking to get to the Lemurs requires a person to be very fit in order to scramble up steep banks, cross streams, climbing steps up & down, & bushwhacking for 4 hrs at a time. It would be helpful to put this information in the ‘Is this trip for you’ section
Loved the trip, great country, great people, great guide and great wildlife
I travelled there with some expectations regarding wildlife especially. These were exceeded. I was amused, impressed and very pleased at the number of wildlife sightings and especially the great opportunities I had for some brilliant wildlife photography.
This was an excellent trip. Very well organised. Madagascar is a huge island and there are some long travel days to get across the country. Very varied environments and we saw lots of different wildlife.
This was a really enjoyable trip. Although the group was the maximum (16 people) and the bus could be a bit cramped at times, it worked really well. The trip used a local driver and guide both of whom were excellent (Ritza and Andree) and in particular Ritza was able to inform us about the wildlife and different aspects of the culture of Madagascar. The other guides used in the national parks and at the accommodation were also very good. Madagascar is an amazing place and the range of landscapes and wildlife is extremely varied. I also found the local people to be very friendly.
The trip gives a good insight into the exotic fauna and flora of Madgascar and into several of the "cottage" industries that have been set up, mainly to provide items for the tourist trade. The trip involves many hours of travelling on roads that are in many cases badly surfaced, even when classifies as a "Route National" - this is not a trip for those that don't like long coach journeys! The arrangements were very good and the hotels, in the main, excellent though facilities were quite varied.
This was our first holiday with Exodus and our first group holiday and looking back was probably one of the best holidays we have had. It was great to see such a wide variety of landscape and we were very lucky with the amount of wildlife we saw. We were in a group of 10 people and it was nice to share the experience with others. Our group leader, Rija made the trip so interesting. The final few days on the beach was very relaxing.
This is a fabulous holiday for experiencing a breathtaking natural environment. Landscapes range from the lush bright green rice fields, dry spiky desert, rugged canyon full of texture and shades of ochre and terracotta, the tangled green rain forests down to the turquoise, crystal clear coral sea - not forgetting the white shell strewn sands. There are so many different Lemurs to see, even the nocturnal, tiny mouse lemur with a penchant for bananas. Lemurs leap with their clinging babies among the tree tops defying the camera, others 'pose' swinging upside down and, at times, just fluffy bundles, legs limply dangling snooze above paparazzi heads. Chameleons, some tiny, some podgy, tantalize the spotters by merging into their leafy or stony backgrounds whilst over sized butterflies, moths and insects scurry about underfoot and overhead. The natural pools, cascading waterfalls and brightly coloured flowers evoke memories of the Bounty adverts. There's so much packed into each day - as well as night, morning and daytime trekking with the 'spotters', there's opportunity to watch wood and zebu horn carvers, silk weavers, even wine tasting. Travelling is by mini bus, 4x4's, speed boat, traditional canoes, even a zebu cart out to the boats which is quite an experience! The Malagasy people waved and smiled whilst the enterprising children loved little treats but particularly bottles of water which was such a precious gift in the south.
There were only six of us on the trip so this was a real bonus. It meant that we had lots of room in the minibus and when being guided around we could spend a long time viewing the wildlife. Saw more than was mentioned in the trip notes and spent longer in the national parks as being a small group we all agreed on what we wanted.
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