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India Tiger Safari

From £2249 for 16 days
Trip Overview
Bengal tigers are a highly seductive class-A predator; they are also desperately endangered. Seeing one in the wild is intoxicating, that is why this comprehensive safari visits three of the best parks in India for this striped cat. There are many other animals to enjoy, but tigers remain top of the agenda throughout this itinerary. Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks are teeming with a variety of wildlife and all have something different to offer. All are ideal for viewing both predator and prey, and with fifteen game drives included the chances of seeing the magnificent Bengal tiger are greatly increased.
Essential Info
Starts: Start Nagpur; transfer to Pench.
Ends: End Delhi.
Ages: Min 16
Theme: Discovery, Culture & Festivals, Wildlife
Trip Code: EWIW
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Countries visited: India
What's Included


Breakfast and 11 dinners are included


13 nights standard hotels, 1 night air-conditioned sleeper train Travel by 4WD, train and air-conditioned private bus 


Trip Highlights

•    In-depth wildlife tour

•    Fifteen game drives with jeeps exclusive to Exodus guests

•    Visit the magnificent Taj Mahal

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Departing: 28th Mar 2021
Returning: 12th Apr 2021
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Departing: 10th Apr 2021
Returning: 25th Apr 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 17th Apr 2021
Returning: 2nd May 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 9th Oct 2021
Returning: 24th Oct 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 23rd Oct 2021
Returning: 7th Nov 2021
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Departing: 6th Nov 2021
Returning: 21st Nov 2021
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Departing: 13th Nov 2021
Returning: 28th Nov 2021
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Departing: 20th Nov 2021
Returning: 5th Dec 2021
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Departing: 29th Jan 2022
Returning: 13th Feb 2022
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Itinerary & Notes
Those not on the group flight will need to make their way to the start hotel in Nagpur (which is shown on your joining instructions) by 1.30pm in order to meet the rest of the group prior to the onward transfer.  The drive to Pench National Park where your safari adventures begin will take approximately 3 hours.  *Standard Hotel*
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We travelled to India solely to see tigers in their natural habitat and we were not disappointed. We saw tigers in each of the three national parks we visited as well as many other animals, most notably three sightings of a leopard. The accommodation used on the trip was, we felt, of a good standard. We appreciated the pool at each of the hotels and went to the pool every day after the morning game drive.
The overall trip experience was superb and the opportunity to see the tigers at three different National Parks was incredible. The inclusion of a visit to Agra (and its attractions) was a great way to finish a wildlife holiday. The overall itinerary was well thought out, the accommodation and transport were good, all local staff were always friendly, helpful and efficient. Himanshu’s knowledge, manner and professional leadership were particularly outstanding.
26 encounters with tigers,(I lost track of how many different ones - think it was 17) one sloth bear and a leopard. That’s a safari. Loved the landscape and all the animals from Langurs to Deer to the beautiful Indian Rollers.Tiger moments from 3 brothers in a water hole to single sightings were wonderful. Taj Mahal took my breath away.
We thought we should start by explaining why we would score this trip a 4 rather than a 5; 1. On the game drives seating is allocated so you have no say on who you share a drive with (other than your partner) or what zone you visit. As a result, the groups often go to different zones and there didn’t seem to be any rationale as to who was doing what and when. 2. There is some seat rotation however we found this to be extremely limited, therefore out of our 10 fellow travellers we didn’t spend any game drive time with 6 of them. 3. Because of point 1 and 2 we had the understandable issue of some people experiencing better spotting (especially tigers) than others. Our group seemed to have the least sightings and were happy for the others but a tad jealous. That said we had a great group, who were very respectful and with our encouragement were happy to share their experiences and photos, which we loved. 4. Vijay joins a jeep on each game drive and due to the need for a local guide, regardless of whether Vijay is with you or not, when he joins your drive the 3 in the back tend to have an uncomfortable time (this seemed to be the overall view of the group). Although Vijay rotates which Jeep he joins, for us, we had a group of 3 jeeps meaning that for a 1/3rd of the time we had 5 in the jeep not the advertised 4. 5. As with all of these trips there are a few travel days, which was absolutely fine, however the opportunity to mix up the groups up wasn’t taken. 6. As a consequence of the above points we had limited quality time with 6 of our 10 fellow travellers, which was a shame. Putting the above points aside, we wouldn’t want to give the impression that we didn’t have a great time because we did. In the end we saw 16 tigers which was far more than we thought we would. The majority of these came in the last few drives and we were really pleased we took the option of the additional drive, during which we saw 3 tigers, 2 of which were mating. We also saw a huge array of other wildlife although we didn’t see a leopard. The hotels were perfectly fine, although we would agree the food option as a tad repetitive. Loved the train journey and what really adds to this trip is the visit the Taj Mahal which is a true wonder of the modern world.
A well organised and interesting trip but we had disappointing tiger sightings. All the hotels and lodges were of a very good standard for India and the staff helpful and pleasant. The food was good and not too spicy, though a bit repetetive. The lodge at Bandhavgarh was very good with an excellent swimming pool and beautiful gardens.
Its difficult to write this review without repeating what everybody else has all ready said. We had some fantastic tiger sightings that frankly left me breathless, we also saw sloth bears, leopard and fantastic bird life. Some people saw more some saw less, but that's always going to be the case on these types of holidays. The quality of the guides and drivers is hit and miss, but Exodus has little control over this as they work for the park. Hadn't appreciate that the jeep allocation was so tightly regulated. Who is what jeep, is decided when the jeeps are booked, and passports are checked on each drive to ensure that's the case.. but you are moved around so your not sat with the same people all the time. The accommodation on the whole was better than expected, although some people seemed to have problems getting hot water a few times. Being welcomed back of every drive with a warm flannel and cold drink was very welcome. Everybody gets a bit stressed just before the overnight train, but once we were on and settled it was okay, and I slept okay, and the bedding was clean, and didn't feel the need for a sleeping bag liner. There was a western and Indian style toilet in every carriage, been in worse on UK trains. Make sure you stock up on snacks before you get on the train as the packed lunch taken with you was uninspiring.
Absolutely brilliant holiday. Have waited so long to see Tigers in the wild and this trip did not disappoint. Would definitely go again. We were so lucky as had good , even exceptional signings in all three reserves. All of our group had sightings some more and better than others , but no one was disappointed. We also saw a leopard , and sloth bears , jungle cats, and so much more wildlife. The lodges were all good, the food in Penchants being the best, although all were a bit the the same. Breakfasts were on the drive and were a bit uninspired I have never eaten so many boiled eggs. The one day we had samosas was great. Hotel in Agra good the one in Delhi not so . The overnight train trip was an experience! enough said!
So first, I need to state unequivocally that if you love wildlife, and in particular tigers, then you need to do this trip. The tigers are exquisitely beautiful and the thrill of tracking them is fun in and of itself. I am already dying to repeat this trip.
Excellent opportunities to see not just Tigers but many other mammals and birds as well. Helpful staff and good lodges and time just flies by. Others have rated this trip highly and deservedly so.
I agree with all of the previous tiger trip review comments so I am not going to rehash them.. I saw 10 * Tigers, 3 * Leopard, 4 * Sloth Bears, 1 * Jungle cat & lots of other wildlife, deer, birds etc. I didn't see a tiger until 8/15 game drives so don't panic as everybody on my trip eventually got a great tiger experience. The morning game drives in February are cold so definitely bring Jumpers, hats, gloves etc. I would finally like to tell you the best months to see tigers according to the drivers which are April / May when the Tigers cool down at the water holes. Of course the temperature then is 45 degrees Celsius.
We had such a good holiday, it was wonderful seeing tigers in their natural environment and visiting the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal at the end of the holidays was a special experience. There were only 6 of us in our group and our fellow travellers were lovely friendly people and we all got on well. Our trip started a day later than usual because of Diwali so we didn't get the chance to do an optional game drive (we'd have done a 16th drive just to maximise any tiger sightings) as Bandhavgarh park is closed on Wednesday afternoon so our 15th drive was on the Thursday morning before leaving for the train. And, again because of the day's delay, we went to the Taj at sunrise rather than at sunset and were treated to a beautiful blue sky and lovely light. We saw tigers on our very first game drive, a mother and her cubs were resting on rocks at a bit of a distance but easily spottable once we got our "eye" in. We saw a glimpse of a stripey back on drive 2 but then nothing tiger-wise until drive 8 when a magnificent male briefly stepped out in front of our jeep before melting back into the bush. We saw a leopard in the far distance on drive 14 and then on drive 15 at the very last minute we had a tiger dash past all the waiting jeeps into the bush. The other jeep with our fellow travellers had a wonderful tiger sighting in Bandhavgarh (the jeeps did different zones) and, I must admit, it's hard not to be envious when others have an experience that you don't. We were happy for them but.....
This trip from start to finish was just absolutely amazing.
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