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Jordan Real Food Adventure

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Trip Overview
Jordan has a way of hiding more than ancient tombs and forgotten landscapes. For centuries, this jewel of the Levant has been a magnet for swaying influences and cultures – granting new flavours as these outsiders come and go. Phenomenally, the land itself helps its inhabitants cook and prepare meals. The sweeping deserts of Wadi Rum offer themselves to roast Bedouin feasts underground, the Dead Sea grants its salt as a world-class garnish and the country’s climate has allowed olives to grow and thrive for over 6,000 years. Jordan and food work synonymously through a relationship that borders on near myth – but this relationship is something that has to be experienced first hand to be truly understood.
Essential Info
Starts: Amman
Ends: Amman
Ages: Min 15
Theme: Food
Trip Code: IEEZF
Activity Level:     
Countries visited: Jordan
What's Included


5 Breakfasts included
2 Lunches included
4 Dinners included


Private Vehicle,4WD Vehicle


Hotel (4 Nights),Desert Camp (1 Night)

Trip Highlights

•   Uncover secret traditions and flavours with a Jordanian shepherd over breakfast. Drink fire-warmed sheep’s milk, then scoop bread into a pot of rich Galayah Bandoora.

•   You never forget your first glimpse of The Treasury in Petra, often referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Take in the majesty and mystery of this unforgettable place.

•   Savour the smells and tastes of a freshly prepared Bedouin zarb – slow roasted vegetables and juicy spiced meats cooked to perfection in an underground barbecue.

•   In remarkable Petra, Jordan's 'Rose City', sit down with locals for a hearty serving of mansaf, delicious lamb with fermented, dried yoghurt sauce.

•   Meet Bedouin locals, learn about their ways, and sleep under the stars in a desert camp in the far-out destination of Wadi Rum

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Departing: 26th Sep 2019
Returning: 1st Oct 2019
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Departing: 31st Oct 2019
Returning: 5th Nov 2019
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Departing: 21st Nov 2019
Returning: 26th Nov 2019
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Departing: 26th Mar 2020
Returning: 31st Mar 2020
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Departing: 16th Apr 2020
Returning: 21st Apr 2020
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Departing: 25th Jun 2020
Returning: 30th Jun 2020
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Departing: 3rd Sep 2020
Returning: 8th Sep 2020
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Departing: 15th Oct 2020
Returning: 20th Oct 2020
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Itinerary & Notes
Ahlan wa sahlan! Welcome to Amman, capital of Jordan. Amman is known for sharing a mix of both young and old culture. The western side of the city is home to cafes, bars, malls and art galleries while the eastern side is generally less about affluence and more about tradition. This trip puts a focus on the delicious cuisine of Jordan, a gastronomy shaped by centuries of social and political change. As these shifts came and went, multitudes of spices, cooking techniques and ingredients remained in their culture – the most popular of these techniques proving that Jordanians’ love for roasted foods and special sauces is one for the ages. Jordan also has bragging rights as one of the largest producers of olives in the world, so it’s no surprise that olive oil is commonly used in their dishes. Garlic, onions, tomato sauce, lemon and za’atar (a spice blend with sumac, sesame seeds, salt and other spices) are all big-ticket items, and should pop up often on this adventure. Begin at the hotel with a 6pm welcome meeting. Following that, tonight’s taste of Jordanian cuisine starts at the Hashem Restaurant – a place with a bragging rights for being a favourite of royals, diplomats and celebrities travelling through Amman. Dinner will consist of their famous Jordanian stuffed falafel, which is fresh and crunchy on the outside while fluffy on the inside. There’s also the chance to dip bread through smooth creamy hummus and moutabel; similar to hummus but with yoghurt, lemon juice and Arabic salad. After a filling meal, head on to the decades old Habibah Sweets shop for a slice of warm knafeh – delicious buttery cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar syrup.

Additional Activities

Habibah Sweets Shop
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