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Madagascan Discoverer

From £3199 for 15 days
Trip Overview
Madagascar is home to countless endemic species of flora and fauna and has some truly incredible scenery. We visit the primary forest at Andasibe, where we hope to see the rare Indri, Madagascar’s largest lemur, as well as some of Madagascar’s unusual nocturnal wildlife. We also visit thousand-year-old trees at sunset at the famous Alley of Baobabs. A real highlight of the trip is the time spent trekking in the Tsingy of Bemaraha - home to unique wildlife and magnificent scenery.
Essential Info
Starts: Start Antananarivo; overnight.
Ends: Fly to Antananarivo and end.
Ages: Min 16
Theme: Discovery, Wildlife
Trip Code: EAZMA
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Countries visited: Madagascar
What's Included


Food standards in Madagascar can vary and are probably not of the same standard you are used to at home


14 nights standard hotels, all en suite Travel by private bus, 4WD and internal flights


Trip Highlights

•    Walk amongst the pinnacles of the Grands Tsingy of Bemaraha

•    The chance to see lemurs in their natural habitat

•    Sunset visit to the 'Alley of Baobabs'

•    Isalo National Park, with its amazing rock formations, spectacular canyons and natural swimming holes

•    Incredible wildlife in the Andasibe National Park

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Departing: 4th Jul 2021
Returning: 18th Jul 2021
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Departing: 25th Jul 2021
Returning: 8th Aug 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 29th Aug 2021
Returning: 12th Sep 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 12th Sep 2021
Returning: 26th Sep 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 26th Sep 2021
Returning: 10th Oct 2021
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Departing: 3rd Oct 2021
Returning: 17th Oct 2021
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Departing: 10th Oct 2021
Returning: 24th Oct 2021
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Departing: 17th Oct 2021
Returning: 31st Oct 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 19th Jun 2022
Returning: 3rd Jul 2022
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Itinerary & Notes
There are no included activities today so you are free to arrive at any time. Accommodation: Residence Lapasoa or similar *Standard Hotel*
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GROUP TOUR from £2449 for 13 days


- Lush agricultural land of the north with paddy fields and fruit orchards
- Ambositra, the arts and crafts capital of Madagascar
- Isalo National Park, with its amazing rock formations, and natural swimming holes
- Dense rainforest and cascading falls of Ranomafana National Park
- White sand beaches of the fisherman’s village of Ifaty
- Cycling through vilages


GROUP TOUR from £2399 for 14 days


- The chance to see lemurs in their natural habitat
- Incredible wildlife in the Andasibe Nature Reserve and in Ranamofana National Park
- Isalo National Park, with its amazing rock formations, spectacular canyons and natural swimming holes
- Striking spiny forest in Tsimanampetsotsa National Park
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TAILOR MADE TOUR from £1946 for 14 days


- Take a short hike to Andasibe National Park, a huge tropical rainforest containing nine species of lemur
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- Journey along the mountain chain of Andringitra, which serves as a transition between green highland and the dry south
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our guide Armel was fantastic he showed us so much on our journey through Madagascar, he was so proud of his country and wanted us to experience as much as we could in the short time we had in each place The experience from start to finish was amazing, we got to see the variety of scenery, culture, wildlife and so much more. I would highly recommend going to see this part of the world 🌍
Madagascar doesn't fail to delight. From the rain-forests to the spiny-forests and the beaches to the highlands there is something to interest everyone. Each of these unique environments harbour their own specialised family of wildlife and the smallest of insects is as fascinating as the the largest of lemurs. It truly is a special place.
This trip was amazing overview of Madagscar in a busy 2 week period. It was a fantastic combination of varying itinerary, the thrill of wildlife spotting, a superbly organised tour leader and a wonderful group of fellow travelers who made this trip to be so special.
Not so much a holiday, more an adventure of discovery! An island of contrasts, Madagascar is the gift that gives on giving – from the leaping lemurs in the rainforest to the giant baobabs of Morondava and the sandy beaches of Ifaty, there was always something new and exciting to experience and look forward to. As many have commented, the trip is dominated by long drives on poor roads, but the rewards at the end of each journey are exceptional and worth every mile. But don’t sleep through the drives as you’d miss the breathtaking ever-changing landscapes of Madagascar, from rainforest to stunning highlands, paddy fields, white sandy beaches, boulder-strewn deserts, spiny forests, rivers and of course the fascinating towns and villages of this incredible island – not forgetting the resourceful and welcoming Malagasy people. We were exceptionally lucky with our weather and wildlife spotting and the whole trip ran very smoothly due mainly to Sol, our superb guide, who made it all happen with charm and efficiency. If you want five-star accommodation and haute cuisine, this is not the trip for you. You’ll get a comfy bed and (generally) hot water at the end of each dusty day, a limited but well-cooked menu of zebu/chicken/fish for cheap lunches and dinners and the opportunity to experience the Malagasy culture at first hand, including the children who will wave from the side of the road, press you for ‘bon bons’ and delight in seeing themselves on the back of a camera. The unique wildlife and cultural melting pot make Madagascar an exceptional destination, and this varied and illuminating trip was better than I expected, such that it will take me some time to process the whole experience. I was also fortunate enough to be with lots of fun, like-minded people in the group who really added to my enjoyment of the trip.
A busy and interesting trip that covers a lot of ground, sights and emotions in 2 weeks - I'm still absorbing the experience almost 2 weeks later! Early starts and some long days of travel, mainly in a comfortable bus or 4x4s - all part of the adventure and the only way to see so much in such a short time. The drivers (Dama: bus driver) and 4x4 drivers were excellent and negotiated sometimes difficult terrain with expertise. I loved the first week; the second week had some great highlights, but a lot of bus travel, which was broken up as much as possible by visits to villages, tombs and local craft areas. The hotels were generally good - a couple were better than expected which was a bonus. Food catered for all diets - meat, fish and vegetarian. Not much variety, but all decent quality. We never went hungry. Loved the opportunities to interact with local people and learn more about their culture. The people were mostly welcoming and friendly, although it's impossible to escape the poverty. Most children asked for sweets, pens or 'gifts' - if you take gifts such as pencils etc ask your guide for advice on distributing them as he will know where they will be of most value. Expect a lot of street sellers in some places. So lucky to share the experience with a brilliant group of people.
A rather hectic journey taking you from Antananarivo, the capital city, to the East and then to the West seeing a large chunk of this big island state. It involves two internal flights and bumpy Jeep rides and two ferry crossings in open vehicle ferries in the scorching-ly hot Sun. All part of the adventure! Just put on your sunscreen and don't complain! Most of the time it was a comfortable mini-bus driven by Dan, a very good driver Nature lovers won't be disappointed as there are Lemurs and Chameleons everywhere. The trees (Baobabs) and Eurphorbias are equally interesting but beware that this is a poor country.
A good trip which covers a lot of ground, literally. There are some very long days travelling on pretty rough roads in hot and dusty conditions. Perhaps I should have studied the trip notes more carefully before booking the trip. Clean and comfortable hotels, although occasionally only a "set menu" was available. At a small resort, like Grace Lodge this was quite understandable, but at some of the larger places it seemed to be more for their convenience than the guests.
This was a great trip. Comprehensive with lots of variety. Plenty of opportunities to see lemurs and other wildlife along with great scenery.
This was my second trip to Madagascar, I wanted to go somewhere that I have not been before so I thought that going to the west of Madagascar would be a good idea and I was not disappointed. The Tsingy was amazing with stunning views and the "Alley of Baobabs" at dusk was stunning.
What a sensational trip! Broad in extent; deep in experiences in this fascinating country. Covering an amazing and surprising diversity of landscapes, wildlife, plant life, cultures and endless moments of 'what's next around the corner to amaze the senses?' Just immerse yourself and be deeply rewarded!
This trip gives you a glimpse of an incredibly varied country rich with unique wildlife and landscapes. Yes the roads maybe a bit bumpy :) but you soon forget that when every day you see so many endemic lemurs, sifakas, chameleons and, if you are lucky, a fossa. The tour leader Rija is the best that I have ever met on an Exodus trip. Her vast knowledge and infectious passion made the trip even more special and memorable.
This is not a trip for anyone seeking a rest. The days are long and you aren’t going to get a nap on the bus unless you nab a front seat or can sleep literally anywhere. However, you will get to see some absolutely amazing creatures in the wild that you will not see anywhere else, see the magnificent baobabs, fake baobabs and fake fake baobabs and find yourself in more different landscapes and climates than you can reasonably expect in one country. So many people have told me Madagascar is on their wish list but, until you have been there, you can not imagine it. They need all the tourism they can get in order to help more locals understand how conservation can actually benefit them and, with the rarity of species that Madagascar has, the sooner you go, the better.
We booked a personalised tour of Madagascar for our honeymoon. We saw everything we wanted to see and had local guides to help us spot the rarest of animals on our list. We arranged for a few additional days in Nosy Be (unguided) so we could finish our adventure with some scuba diving.
Loved the trip! See a lot but flip side is you are constantly travelling and some very long drive days. It would have been good to have more free time in places. We also had quite mixed abilities in the group but I think our tour leader managed this really well.
"Madagascan Discoverer" was a truly wonderful, very enjoyable, multi-faceted trip with a really excellent guide, Rija. I am writing this review to inform future customers about 1 less-than-good aspect because it might be a safety issue for some people booking this holiday. In addition, Exodus has failed to respond to the comments I made in my on-line post-holiday evaluation about this, so I do not know if Exodus has read the evaluation and is going to do anything to improve the situation. My criticism relates to the harnesses provided for the walk in the Grands Tsingy. Mine was too big for me, even when the smallest harness the company had was adjusted to the smallest possible size. This same problem also affected another person in the group. Both of us are slimmer than most other British adults. Fortunately, neither of us fell and came to any harm. If we had fallen and had had to rely on the harnesses to keep us safe, there would have been the potential for an accident or injury. If you are slim or if you have children who are intending to do the Via Ferrata in the Grands Tsingy, please consider bringing your or their own harness(es) that fits you/them. A harness that does not fit the wearer is of little use. I climb regularly and know how important this piece of equipment is and how a proper fit is necessary for safety. This deficiency on the part of Exodus is made worse because I had actually queried with Exodus BEFORE the trip whether I should bring my own harness to Madagascar. The reply that the Exodus rep gave me was that we would not be doing Via Ferrata and there was no need for the harness. This reveals that the Exodus representative does not know her product: we definitely did a Via Ferrata and we used climbing equipment. Other than this failing, and one or two things which were beyond the control of Exodus, the holiday was very good, hugely interesting and varied and I had a great time. I fully recommend this holiday and in particular, commend Rija for her excellent guiding.
This is a fantastic trip! The scenery is quite breathtaking at times, and the wildlife encounters were better than I expected. You get to see a lot of what is a very big island, and you can get a peek into Malagasy culture.
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