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Petra & Wadi Rum Trek

From £1099 for 8 days
Trip Overview
Some of the most spectacular desert scenery in the world is found in the south of Jordan at Wadi Rum, a place of dramatic beauty which provides an ideal environment for trekking. Millennia of erosion have formed wonderful mountains (known as jebels) that rise out of the desert sands, creating exciting terrain that we explore from the valley bottom to the jebel tops. Throughout the trip we will be accompanied by local Bedouin and we shall be camping as they do, under the stars. Our trip will finish with a day visit to the ancient rock city of Petra, a must for any visitor to Jordan.
Essential Info
Starts: Start Amman.
Ends: End Amman.
Ages: Min 16
Theme: Walking
Trip Code: ETXR
Activity Level:     
Countries visited: Jordan
What's Included


Whilst trekking all meals are included


3 nights hotels, 1 night full-service basic camping and 3 nights semi-participatory wild camping 8 days land only/ flight inclusive


Trip Highlights

•    Beautiful desert landscape of UNESCO World Heritage Site Wadi Rum

•    Traditional Bedouin camp

•    Famous rose-red city of Petra

Dates & Availability
Start date
End date
Departing: 1st May 2021
Returning: 8th May 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 11th Sep 2021
Returning: 18th Sep 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 25th Sep 2021
Returning: 2nd Oct 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 2nd Oct 2021
Returning: 9th Oct 2021
Fully Booked
Departing: 23rd Oct 2021
Returning: 30th Oct 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 6th Nov 2021
Returning: 13th Nov 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 13th Nov 2021
Returning: 20th Nov 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 20th Nov 2021
Returning: 27th Nov 2021
Availability: Good
Departing: 19th Feb 2022
Returning: 26th Feb 2022
Availability: Good
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Itinerary & Notes
Our trip begins in Amman. In the following morning, the guide will hold a welcome meeting to discuss the week ahead and answer any question.  *Comfortable Hotel*
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The desert landscape and Petra are stunning. The scrambling is exciting. The archaeology is outstanding. The culture is fascinating.
I very much enjoyed this trip, the desert, scrambling, company and guide. As expected the tent accommodation was basic but fine. The food was adequate but the ingredients a bit repetitive but I suppose that this is what one should expect in the desert. The main problem I had was the fact that the desert is a very popular day outing for tourists in open trucks, of which there were many. The high number of trucks etc mitigated against the feeling of being in the desert/wilderness. We had to jump off the track many times and at one point had a couple of open vans careering down a steep slope towards us. A bit disconcerting.
+wadi rum trekking awesome -felt obliged to tip -dietary medical needs not conveyed to chef - sleeping bag provided was broken & not suitable season - Mena & Petra palace less than suitable abodes + Guide Abdullah was awesome - chef & Tool did well despite resources in dessert
A fantastic experience, trekking through Wadi Rum, camping with the Bedouins, walking in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. The jewel in the crown of this trip was A full day in Petra ,The red rose city. The people of Jordan were warm and friendly adding to an all round enjoyable trip.
I have just returned from this wonderful week. It was such a different experience to anything I have every done - slogging daily through loose deep sand (so glad I spent those weeks beforehand training hard!), wild camping in completely remote desert locations, sitting round a camp fire drinking hot thyme infused black tea, eating delicious feasts produced as if by magic by Youssef, and much much more. Our delightful guide Abdullah gave us such detailed and enlightening information about Jordan and in particular about the Bedouin people and culture who lived in this area and the ancient Nabataeans who created the spectacular site that is Petra and ruled there for hundreds of years. Thank you Exodus for this amazing experience.
I had wanted to visit Jordan and Petra for a long time and I finally got around to booking, choosing exodus. We are an active couple and wanted a trip that would challenge us but we could also see the sites. This trip had everything we wanted and it did not disappoint.
Jordan was like no other country on earth, the trekking on sand was challenging but the routes seemed to be planned to take break points just at the point I felt I couldn’t do anymore!
I knew before I even left for this trip that it was going to be something special, but I didn't realise just how special that would be. The scenery is breathtaking throughout the desert and in Petra it's easy to see why it is a World Heritage Site! we spent 4 nights, 5 days wild camping in the desert with the beduoin and it really was a beautiful experience in so many ways. Sleeping under the stars or in our tents, we were looked after in every aspect and they really could not do enough for us and always with a smile on their faces. Our Guide Issa was knowledgeable, friendly and approachable I learnt an awful lot from him as we walked and chatted along with way. Jordan is a strikingly beautiful country with so much history it really is worth a visit, I can guarantee you will 100% not regret it. Take me back!!!
Fantastic walk through the Jordanian desert made famous by the exploits of Lawrence of Arabia. We had expected sand but not the beautiful sandstone hills / mountains which changed colour during the day and showing incredible orange hues at sunset.
From day 1 I loved the feel Of Jordan, Jordan is a place of friendly people. The desert hike and Petra will not disappoint you. I added 3 extra days, 1 before the hike to see Amman, and 2 after to visit Jerash and the dead sea, and there are plenty of other places to see.
An excellent way of seeing parts of Jordan. The trek in Wadi Rum was wonderful; a great way of taking the area in at a pace that allows one to appreciate its natural beauty. Scrambling up Burdah to the stone arch was fun and was a change from the daily trekking. Support worked well, particularly enjoyed the omelettes that were made for breakfast one morning. Petra is magnificent and appreciated our guide Mohammed leading us to the less crowded areas, explaining how the city developed and managed its water. Little Petra was fascinating and only has a fraction of the crowds at Petra itself. Would highly recommend.
Booked this trek at the last minute and was not disappointed, the time of the year meant that the weather was ideal and made the days trekking that much more enjoyable. The first day was the minibus drive from Amman down into he Wadi Rum area which ended with a short trek to the night camp in the Bedouin village tents. The evening meal was a traditionally cooked meal that that had been covered and buried in the hot sand on top of hot charcoal. a good nights sleep ensure we were ready for a good full day trek on the next day. The remaining days covered a lot of ground and sand and the group was a good mixture of different nationalities (2 Irish, 3 Scottish, 2 Netherlanders, 1 French, 5 English ) we all soon gelled soon enjoyed each others company this made good getting the background about what and where we had been and done. Whilst the trekking was not overly difficult, a fair level of fitness is required not only for the distance to be covered, but to take into account the hot weather and the trekking up to 8 hours on the longest day mainly over sand.
Go to Jordan- many people expressed concerns when I mentioned my up coming trip, I can confirm my experience was full of warm friendly welcoming people and at no time did it feel unsafe. The Wai Rum was stunning and gave me a sense on peace that I have not found else where. The trek was well planned and at time's informative with our guide providing useful information and a tale or too. My companions were diverse from all backgrounds and experiences, and wonderful company as we explored the desert. Walking on sand at times was challenging and the firm patches were welcomed when they returned. The distances quoted on the itenery were short on some days that might catch a few people out if 20-23k is no your idea of fun. I really enjoyed the scramble to the rock bridge but I don't think the trip note's captured the heights involved which will catch out the average walker.
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