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Russia Explorer

From £2950 for 14 days
Trip Overview
It’s the multi-faceted culture Russia has to offer that makes it so appealing. Places like St. Petersburg or the cities of the Golden Ring boast so much in art and culture that it would take near decades to even loosely acquaint yourself with what they have to offer, yet the frosty reaches to the north tell different tales of old castles, derelict towns, prison camps and time-lost labyrinths. This trip takes you across a land shrouded in both magnificence and secrets as you explore the bustling architectural glory of St Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Moscow and right up to the Arctic treasures of Murmansk and the Solovetsky Islands.
Essential Info
Starts: St Petersburg
Ends: Moscow
Ages: Min 15
Theme: Discovery
Trip Code: IWBKR
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Countries visited: Russia
What's Included


11 Breakfasts included
2 Lunches included


Plane,Overnight Sleeper Train,Private Bus,Public Bus,Taxi,Metro


Hotel (11 nights) Overnight Sleeper Train (2 nights)

Trip Highlights

•   Encounter the legacy of Russian tsar Peter the Great while exploring the enigmatic streets that showcase the many palaces and museums of St Petersburg.

•   Stroll Vyborg's cobbled streets and enjoy its quintessential charm on a visit to the only medieval castle in Russia.

•   Visit the Solovetsky Islands, location of one of the first GULAGs

•   Travel to Murmansk, the biggest city within the Arctic Circle, and venture through tundra to the deserted town of Teriberka by the Barents Sea.

•   Visit the Golden Ring towns of Yaroslavl and Sergiyev Posad, both 'open air museums' displaying Russia's history through their onion-domed Orthodox churches, monasteries and kremlins

•   Red Square has long been at the heart of Russian history – visit the austere mausoleum of Lenin, the initiator of the 1917 Russian revolution, contrasting with the eye-bulging treasure collection in the Kremlin and Armoury Museum.

Itinerary & Notes
Zdrastvutye! Welcome to St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city. This adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6:00pm. Please make sure your bring your passport and insurance details with you to the meeting. Please have two copies of your passport, visa and migration cards ready. One will be collected by your leader, the other is for you to keep on you at all times whilst on this trip. St. Petersburg, the ‘City of the Tsars’, is full of architectural monuments – if you’ve arrived early, it’s well worth tracking down some of the impressive structures throughout the city. The Palace Square, Kazan Cathedral, Peter and Paul Fortress, Saint Isaac’s Square and many more of these historic centres capture the city’s imperialist charm, showing touches of European influence in the architecture of these old buildings.
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