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Trek Ethiopia: The Simien Mountains

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Trip Overview
Experience the geological beauty of Ethiopia on a trekking adventure through one of the most dramatic landscapes in Africa. Observe the remnants of a once prosperous civilisation on a visit to Gondar before tackling the challenging terrain of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Simien Mountains National Park. As you traverse the rugged peaks and valleys of this ever-changing trail, witness how millions of years of erosion has created an elaborate network of gorges, canyons and escarpments, flourishing with endemic wildlife and traditional civilisations. Keep an eye out for the endangered walia ibex jousting along the rocky ledges, learn about village life and agricultural rituals in Geech camp and sit among groups of gelada monkeys while you watch the sun set in Chenek. Stop by key lookouts en route to soak up scenery that will leave you speechless and have your breath (literally) taken away by unbeatable views at the summit of Ras Dashen – Ethiopia’s highest peak.
Essential Info
Starts: Addis Ababa
Ends: Gondar
Ages: Min 15
Theme: Walking, Expedition
Trip Code: IYOSM
Countries visited: Ethiopia
What's Included


9 Breakfasts included
7 Lunches included
6 Dinners included


Private vehicle,Plane


Camping with no facilities (6 nights),Hotel (3 nights)

Trip Highlights

•   Trek the majestic series of undulating amethyst peaks that make up the Simien Mountains on this hiking adventure through some of the world’s most unique and remote landscapes.

•   Explore the medieval architecture of Gondar, including the elaborate Royal Enclosure – a World Heritage site home to dramatic Emperor-built castles unlike any other in Africa.

•   Camp within the escarpment of the Simien Mountains and experience true African wilderness as you begin and end your trekking days with incredible sunrises and sunsets.

•   Keep your eyes peeled for troops of red-hearted gelada playing along the slopes as you traverse through the mountains – a distinctive breed of baboon, endemic to Ethiopia.

•   Tackle the challenging ascent to the summit of Ras Dashen, the highest peak in Ethiopia, and be rewarded with breathtaking views that span over 10,000 square kilometres.

Dates & Availability
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Itinerary & Notes
Welcome to Ethiopia! A beautiful country blessed with boundless landscapes of lush highlands, dramatic canyons, sweeping deserts and the spectacular Simien Mountains. On arrival in Addis Ababa, meet your Intrepid representative and transfer to your starting hotel. Your important welcome meeting begins at 6 pm this evening. If you arrive early, perhaps visit the National Museum, which contains the fossilised remains of ‘Lucy’, a female hominoid that lived some 3.2 million years ago, and a key discovery on the origin of early mankind. This evening, why not head out with the group for your first taste of Ethiopian cuisine.
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