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UK Office Carbon Footprint

UK Office Carbon Footprint

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint in the UK office by minimising waste, using our resources efficiently and recycling where possible.


Minimise Waste

We try to minimise our energy consumption in whatever way we can and we encourage our UK staff to turn off our lights, computers, printers and other electrical equipment when not in use, particularly at night.

We try to reduce what we print for internal and external communication as much as possible


Use resources efficiently

We calculate our brochure production carefully to avoid excessive print runs and encourage using our online brochure. In addition we donate 1p to the Woodland Trust for every brochure that we print in the UK or abroad –

We encourage any UK office printing to be on both sides of the paper



We recycle as much as we can and we have recycling stations in our UK office and recycle in accordance with Mid Suffolk District Council

All of our brochures are recyclable and out of date brochures are recycled at a dedicated paper plant.


Carbon Offset

For every single flight that our UK office staff takes on behalf of the company, we donate £5.00 to Cool Earth –


Litter Collecting

We also send out teams on a monthly basis into our beautiful countryside to collect rubbish that has been discarded. The hope is that by tidying up our roads and villages we can encourage others to take their litter home with them to be disposed of in the proper way.

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