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Visit Lonely Planet’s top destinations for 2019

Lonely Planet has unveiled its annual list of the top travel destinations, with Sri Lanka, Piedmont in Italy, and Copenhagen in Denmark topping the charts for country, region and city respectively in 2019. Feeling inspired to plan your next adventure abroad? Imaginative Traveller’s tailormade trips allow you to tweak your itinerary to suit your needs, to help you create your perfect holiday.


Sri Lanka Wildlife & Culture

The #1 country on Lonely Planet’s list, there’s much to discover in Sri Lanka. Imaginative Traveller’s 14-day Sri Lanka Wildlife & Culture adventure is the ideal way to see the different sides of this island in South Asia, whether that be its historic sites and temples, or its rich and diverse wildlife. At Yala National Park, you’ll have the chance to see leopards, elephants, buffalo, and many other wild animals, while in Anuradhapura you can visit the dogaba Abhayagiri Dagaba, one of the greatest structures of the ancient world, matched only by the pyramids of Giza.


GROUP TOUR from £1780 for 14 days


- Drive inland to the world famous ruins of Anuradhapura, stopping at a coconut plantation along the way
- Enjoy a morning bicycle tour through Anuradhapura, the well-preserved ruins of ancient Lankan civilization
- Visit Polonnaruwa, the 5th century ancient city and second most ancient of Sri Lanka’s kingdoms

Jordanian Adventure

Jordan is perhaps best known for Petra, the ancient capital of the Nabataean Empire and one of the world’s most impressive archaeological sites. It is also home to one of the strangest places on Earth, the buoyant Dead Sea, its hyper-saline water making it impossible not to float. On Imaginative Traveller’s 10-day tailormade tour, you’ll visit both of these sites, as well as spending an evening dining under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert.


GROUP TOUR from £1300 for 10 days


- Go back in time to the ancient capital of the Nabataean Empire at Petra
- More than 400m below sea level the Dead Sea is the lowest point on dry land and its hyper-saline water makes floating not only easy but impossible to resist
- Visit key sites in the Wadi Rum area including Lawrence Spring and the Um Frouth Arch

Senegal - Sacred Forests & Savannahs

Senegal’s capital city Dakar is a large, vibrant African metropolis, and ranks 7th on Lonely Planet’s list of the top ten cities to visit in 2019. As the cultural and intellectual capital of West French Africa, a trip here would be incomplete without visiting the Village des Arts, the best place to meet the talent that comprises the Senegalese artistic scene. Imaginative Traveller’s 9-day trip around Senegal begins with two days exploring this beautiful city, followed by a week of exploring the country’s other towns and the Djoudj National Park.


GROUP TOUR from £2900 for 9 days


- Explore the small colonial city of Saint Louis
- Discover the Mouride Sufi brotherhood
- Witness animist initiations & priest-king ceremonies
- Visit the dunes in southern Sahara

Panama and San Blás

On Imaginative Traveller’s 9-day Panama and San Blás tour, you’ll spend half your time in Panama City, touring the Panama Canal, the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, and enjoying the food, dance and music of the indigenous people who live along the Chargres River. You’ll also spend a few days on the San Blás islands, where you can snorkel, kayak, fish, or however else you choose to enjoy this natural paradise.


GROUP TOUR from £1310 for 9 days


- See the Panama Canal, the '8th Wonder of the World'
- Visit pirates paradise in Portobelo
- Meet the indigenous people of Chargres River
- Explore the coral region of Kuna Yala

Indonesia Island Hopping

Hop between the islands of Indonesia, Lonely Planet’s seventh-best country to visit in 2019, on Imaginative Traveller’s 28-day tailormade tour. You’ll hike through the rainforests of Sumatra, visit Hindu temples in Yogyakarta, and see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat on the island of Rinca. There’s a diverse range of landscapes and experiences on offer in Indonesia, so you can be sure of a memorable adventure.


GROUP TOUR from £4150 for 28 days


- Get the chance to see Orangutans swinging freely through the rainforest
- Visit the Sultan’s Palace, the traditional palace of Yogyakarta’s King, situated in the centre of Yogyakarta City
- Trek to the top of the Wawo Muda volcano

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