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Where to go on an Adventure Holiday in May

Holidays in May

May is an ideal time of year to enjoy the great outdoors, with activities like trekking and mountain biking perfect as spring departs and summer approaches.

South America Adventure

South America is the perfect destination for a holiday in May, allowing you to enjoy its rich landscapes and wildlife, with opportunities for outdoors pursuits and adventure, combined with short city stays.

Peru and Bolivia

a group of hikers smiling in front of Machu Picchu

Our Sacred Land of the Incas trip allows you to trek Peru’s Inca Trail, while enjoying Lake Titicaca and the fabulous cities of Cusco and La Paz. 

Beginning in Lima, you can enjoy the sites of this colonial city before venturing through Peru’s lush Amazon, getting up close to wildlife in a jungle lodge.

After acclimatising in Cusco you then make your way along the Inca Trail on an incredible trek through the Andes, enjoying beautiful snow-capped mountains, clear blue skies and a wealth of ancient Inca ruins.

After climbing the famous steps to the Sun Gate and seeing Machu Picchu with your own eyes, it’s time to enjoy the beauty of Lake Titicaca before arriving at La Paz in Bolivia, for some well-deserved recuperation (or exhilarating downhill mountain-biking).


Seals sleeping on the beach in the Galapagos Islands

For real nature lovers, our Active Galapagos tour allows you to explore these beautifully unique islands, home to the world’s most amazing array of wildlife, in a truly unique way – by boat, mountain bike and on foot.

Beginning on the Ecuadorian mainland in Quito, you fly to San Cristobal, touring the four main islands, spotting colourful creatures, scaling Isabela's volcano and snorkelling over underwater worlds; this trip will really open your eyes to the beauty of Mother Earth.

Asian Honeymoon

For an idyllic honeymoon, Indonesia, Thailand and Borneo are beautiful locations with mystical cultures and romantic beaches, allowing you to share stunning scenery, exotic cuisine and fascinating temple sites.



Our Discover Lombok tour allows you to experience the tropical scenery of Lombok Island, spending time in rural villages and immersing yourself in Sasak culture.

Savour views of the incredible Mt Rinjani, relax on the magical Gili Islands an retreat to the tranquil village of Tetebatu - once you travel to Lombok, you’ll never want to leave!

Sailing in Thailand

Sailboats on the beach in Thailand

Our Phuket Sailing Adventure is a week in paradise, looking out across the blue seas from the hilltops of Ko Racha, exploring mysterious caves and uncovering amazing sea creatures in their tropical habitat.

You will have plenty of time to relax on the picturesque beaches of Phi Phi Don, enjoying deliciously fragrant local cuisine as the sun sets on the turquoise sea.


Borneo is an amazing honeymoon location, combining beautiful rainforest and mountain scenery, unforgettable wildlife experiences and glorious beaches unlike anywhere else.

Our Classic Borneo trip leaves no stone unturned, taking you through lush jungle, along scenic rivers and meeting indigenous locals in remote villages. The region is home to the orang-utan providing visitors with entertaining and heart-warming moments.

Walking the Great Wall of China

A group of people walking along the Great Wall of China

May is a great time of year to explore China’s rural regions with beautiful clear mountain views and warmer temperatures as summer nears.

Our Walking The Great Wall trip combines sightseeing in Beijing with an amazing tour of the Great Wall, fully immersing yourself in rural China.

Beginning in Beijing, you spend time devouring the culture of this historical city before beginning your incredible journey along the Great Wall.

On the way you hike past rural villages, walk over incredible mountain ridges and discover ancient watchtowers, learning about the historical significance of each section. A highly unusual and very unique trip.

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