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You either love it or hate it! The worlds' most contested foods...

One of the best things about travelling is the food, and there are some specialities that become a bit of a talking point between travellers! From stinky but actually pretty tasty durian fruit, to cuy or guinea pig, we take a look at the world's most contested and controversial foods..

1. Injera

Often described as a spongy sour pancake, even the most hardened injera fans may get sick of the sight of it by the end of a trip to Ethiopia!


2. Mohinga

Mohinga is a popular fish noodle soup served for breakfast in Burma. This pungent dish is made from fish paste, dried catfish, chickpea flour and broth. Yes, that's right, a seafood lover's dream, but for those with a fish phobia, an absolute nightmare!

Mohinga, traditional breakfast in Burma


3. Marmite

Marmite is so controversial it even has its own ‘Love it. Hate it’ marketing slogan, which pretty much sums up the world’s divided opinion on this pungent yeast extract spread.

Marmite - love it or hate it


4. Insects

Insects are a popular street food snack found all over the world from China to Brazil. Before you turn your nose up at these crispy little critters, it might be worth bearing in mind that they are far more nutritious than most other forms of protein - even fish!

Edible insect skewers - world's most contested food


5. Cuy

Cuy (pronounced 'kwee) or guinea pig was once just a ceremonial dish eaten by indigenous peoples of Andean countries of South America like Ecuador and Peru. This rodent dish is now served roasted, broiled, fried or in a soup or casserole in restaurants and houses all over the region and is almost hard to escape on a trip to South America!

Cuy, Guinea Pig, Food in Peru


6.  Durian

Described as "like eating raspberry blancmange in the lavatory" by author Anthony Burgess, this fruit is so smelly, it’s banned on all Singapore rail networks and many hotels in South East Asia!

Hardcore Durian fans argue that if you can get past the smell of the durian then the taste is pretty heavenly. One thing’s for sure, it’s the world’s most divisive fruit!

Durian Fruit - the world's most contested food


7. Tofu

Tofu (or bean curd) comes in all shapes and forms: fresh, white and pretty tasteless in Japan and Korea, and fermented, stinky and squidgy in China! Either way, you can't escape it on a trip to East Asia, especially if you're vegetarian!

Tofu - love it or hate it


8. Brussels Sprouts

One thing that's sure to spark a bit of a debate at a Christmas lunch in the UK is the Brussels Sprout. These leafy little bulbs have such a distinctive taste that scientist have spent years researching why some people love them and some people can't stand them! They've discovered that a 'brussels sprout' gene exists….so now you know!

Brussel sprouts


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